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Winnie’s Tavern

Footage From My First Visit to Winnie’s Tavern!

My wife and I were recently running errands when she recommended that we go grab a burger for lunch at Winnie’s Tavern. I have lived here for the better part of 18 years and have never made it over there to try out their delicious burgers. After my visit, it is easy for me to see why this restaurant is always in the conversation when trying to figure out the question, “who makes the best burger in Wilmington?”. I ordered the Trailer Park Burger which comes topped with Cajun Fried Green Tomatoes, Jalapeno Pimento Cheese, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Iceberg Lettuce, Onion, Bread & Butter Pickles & Chipotle Mayo. One of my favorite things about that burger besides the taste… It was not greasy! I highly encourage you to order this burger.

Here’s a little background about the restaurant: “Winnie Swanson opened Winnie’s Tavern in 1962. Winnie gained her experience working in local Drive-Ins including the Chic-Chic and opened Winnie’s Drive-In at 16th and Dawson Street in 1957. She was born in 1924 and was raised on N 3rd Street in downtown Wilmington. She spent her summers off Trails End Road. Her father was a Wilmington police officer. She had five sisters and three brothers. Winnie worked at the shipyard during WWII and stayed close to the Sunset Park neighborhood most of her life. The “Tavern” was her life’s work. With hard work, strong will and help from her daughter, Jeanne, they both worked for decades to make sure that Winnie’s would continue to serve the best burgers and coldest beer in town. Winnie passed away in 2006 and her daughter Jeanne passed in 2016. Winnie’s Tavern currently belongs to the third and fourth generations who proudly continue to serve “Wilmington’s Best Burger.” Featured January 2020 on Cooking Channel’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate!” featuring the Trailer Park Burger.”

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try this place out, I would recommend changing that as soon as you have the opportunity. Enjoy!

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